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About Us

For over 40-years, our preschool and day-care center has provided a safe, loving and nurturing environment for our children, while promoting the physical, social, emotional and intellectual development necessary for proper growth.  As a parent-directed organization, we remain sensitive to the needs and interests of our families.


In 1967, “The Kitchener Farm” on Hunter Mill Road was bought by Captain and Mrs. Klare, Hunter Mill Country Day School (HMCDS) was born.  When the Klares decided to retire, they hired a series of Directors. Things started to go downhill until Mrs. Judith Beattie became Director, with her devotion, love of children, concern, and hard work. She has made HMCDS the fun place it is today!

In 1978, Mrs. Beattie purchased the business. Enrollment was low and the school was in poor financial condition. Gradually, enrollment picked up and improvements to the school were made, mainly through the help of HMCDS families.

In 1980, Mrs. Beattie purchased the property the school sits on, and in 1982, HMCDS was reborn as a “parent-directed center.” Mrs. Beattie, the Parent Advisory Board and the HMCDS parents have helped make a number of significant improvements to the school facilities and grounds, most recently, the renovation of the “Red Barn,” the outdoor, covered playground.  Over the years a number of improvements have been made to the facilities.  In 1987, our "Big Room" was added to serve as a multi-function room for activities such as music class, Spanish class, movement class, extra space for our Before and After School Program, and our Parent Advisory Board meetings.  More recently, in 2012, after several years of complying with Fairfax County regulations and requirements, Mrs. Beattie's vision finally became a reality - a large new addition was added onto the current school building.  In addition, all 3 classrooms on the main floor were enlarged and private bathrooms were added to each room.  Down the hallway, the large addition was constructed, creating two large, beautiful spaces along with a movable partition wall that opens up for special events and functions.  Extra outdoor water fountains were installed on the playgrounds and a large outdoor deck was added onto the small children's playground.  

In 2014, after over 40 years of dedication and devotion to HMCDS and the countless number of children whom she has loved and cared for as though they were her own, Mrs. Beattie sold her beloved school to Sharon Hayeck, a long-time staff member, teacher, and administrator who had been with HMCDS for over 10 years.  Mrs. Hayeck looks forward to continuing all the many customs and traditions that has made Hunter Mill Country Day School such a special place for so many children and families over the years.  We welcome you to stop by and visit HMCDS! 


VCCA The Virginia Child Care Association (VCCA) is a non-profit organization dedicated to providing support and guidance for Virginia's private, licensed Early Childhood Education community. VCCA helps to provide private, licensed Early Childhood Education owners, administrators and directors with up-to-date information and resources to help stay on top of the industry and prepare for future growth and success.

Schoolyard habitatsHMCDS is recognized by the National Wildlife Federation as a certified Schoolyard Habitat. This program provides a unique opportunity for the teachers and children at HMCDS to engage in a wide variety of creative, hands-on, outdoor projects. From the Schoolyard Habitat website: “Supporting multiple subject areas including language arts, math and science, the Schoolyard Habitats program stimulates students' natural curiosity, encourages community involvement and helps students become stewards of the environment.”

Seal of VirginiaFormer HMCDS Director was appointed to Virginia Child Daycare Council. Appointed by Governor Mark Warner in 2002, Judith Beattie, former HMCDS Director, served a 4-year term on the Virginia Child Daycare Council. The Council develops standards and regulations for licensed child daycare facilities in Virginia. “The oversight function provided by career professionals and other individuals with unique community and industry ties is an important link to effective government,” Governor Warner said. “I appreciate the willingness of these individuals to serve.”


Our staff is comprised of highly qualified professionals, chosen not only for their expertise in child development and education, but also for their commitment to caring for children. Our teachers and staff hold a variety of degrees ranging from education to psychology and nursing.

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