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Here are many of the HMCDS documents and forms as PDF files or Word files. You can view them, print them and/or download them to your computer.

Parent Handbook

This is a guide to all things at Hunter Mill. Read about our history, our mission, and the rules that make everything function.  - PDF, 366k

Waitlist Forms

Deposit Contract Form (Preschool Waitlist)  - PDF, 44 k

Before & After School Deposit Contract (School-Age Waitlist)   - PDF, 54 k

Enrollment Forms - these must be submitted prior to attendance.

Registration Form   - PDF, 54.7 k

Teacher Information Form  - PDF, 40.4 k

Birth Certificate Form (Bring in Child's Original Birth Certificate - Form will be completed by Office) - PDF, 29.6k

Illness Notification Form  - PDF, 78k

Equine Activity Release Form (optional)  - PDF, 40.6 kb

Sledding Release Form (optional)  - PDF, 39.4 kb

Transportation Form (optional)  - PDF, 36.3 kb

VA Health Entrance Form   - PDF, 359kb

Swim and Water Release Form (Summer Only)   - PDF, 268kb

School Year Registration

Fall 2015 Registration Request Form (Current Families Only) - PDF, 29.6k


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