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Parent Advisory Board Overview

HMCDS maintains an Advisory Board comprised of parents. This Parent Advisory Board (PAB) offers advice to HMCDS’s Director on the operation of school affairs. The majority of decisions about how the school is run come from the Board. The Board is responsible for organizing social and fundraising events; planning educational workshops for students and parents; setting the tuition and fees; maintaining the HMCDS website; coordinating repairs and facility maintenance; and advising the Director on other issues that may arise during the school year.  The PAB’s mission is to assist the Director and faculty of Hunter Mill in providing a high quality preschool program for the children and the families enrolled in the school.

The PAB meets once monthly, generally on the 2nd Wednesday of each month, from 7:00 pm to 8:00 pm. Childcare is usually provided and all parents are encouraged to attend.

The PAB has the following committees:

  • Fundraising & Social – organizes the two major fundraising events (Silent Auction and Spring Picnic), coordinates and runs bi-monthly Salon Days, and conducts other social and fundraising activities throughout the school year (e.g., Magic Show, Spirit Gear).   
  • Education – organizes various workshops and lectures for HMCDS children and parents.
  • Web and IT – Maintains the HMCDS web site and provides assistance with the school's computers and information technology (e.g., electronic newsletter, calendars). 
  • Building & Grounds – advises the PAB on maintenance issues and coordinates repairs needed for the school.

These committees, and other ad hoc committees formed to address specific concerns, meet as needed and present recommendations on issues within their purview to the full PAB for action. While the PAB makes only non-binding recommendations, the school Director traditionally relies heavily upon PAB’s guidance. Below is a more detailed account of the role of the PAB Chairman and its committees.

Chairman (will be elected by the board in June with final approval from the Director)

  • Write agenda for the monthly board meetings and run the meetings.
  • Help identify and recruit leaders for each of the board committees and encourage parents and caretakers to be active board members.
  • Write the “From the Board” section of the newsletter each month.
  • Help organize and present the New Parent Orientation in August.
  • Plan the summer board dinner.
  • Be open to discussing situations with the Director as needed.
  • The Director will keep the chairman apprised of unusual situations and events.
  • The Chairman will get advance approval from the Director on letters and e-mails being sent out, and will act as the representative to send any correspondence from the Board.

Fundraising & Social

  • Plan and execute the Silent Auction and Spring Picnic fundraisers.
  • Brainstorm and organize other fundraisers throughout the year (e.g., Salon Day, Spirit Gear, Claire’s Gourmet, Rockin’ the Hill concerts).
  • Plan social events for HMCDS families (e.g., Hunter Mill Magic Show, Bonfire & Pot Luck Dinner, Game Nights).
  • The Director will discuss any funds needed for improvements with the committee chair. 
  • Fundraising Chair will discuss ideas with the Director regarding use of fundraising money; Director has final say on how funds will be used for the Center.


  • Create and plan educational events for HMCDS students (Nature Week, Culture Week, Safety Day, Dental Care Workshop, Doctor’s Cool Tools, Simple Machines, Weather Fun, Opera Day).
  • Help plan workshops for both parents and staff (e.g., Kindergarten Readiness, Financial Planning, Positive Discipline workshops).
  • Research educational issues when they arise.

Web & IT

  • Update and maintain the HMCDS website.
  • Assist with the school's computers and information technology (e.g., electronic newsletter, calendars)
  • Be willing to discuss any issues or questions the Director may have about computers, web, etc.
  • Be willing to discuss/look into ideas that parents bring up regarding different web communication ideas (e.g., Ning). 

Buildings & Grounds

  • Identify items requiring attention and organize the repair of those items during the spring and fall clean-up days.
  • Address other facility and maintenance issues as they arise during the school year.
  • Be willing to look into maintenance issues and help the Director with solutions.
  • Organize families to help with repairs between clean up days.

Other Committees

  • Additional committees may be established to address specific areas or issues as needed (e.g., Expansion Committee).



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